Mangroves – the most important attraction in the area.

When you enjoy a boat journey meandering through the mangrove foliage and in the middle of the river, you can bear witness to stunning flora and fauna. It is said that there are about 60 mangrove species in the world of which about 30 are found in Sri Lanka. At the Kalavila Tributary, you can find at least 10 species of endemic birds that are found only in Sri Lanka. You can see some nature-friendly sights like a baby crocodile sun bathing and a water monitor lazing on a large mangrove branch. Cormaran birds flap their feathers on the stumps of the mangroves drying in the spring sun.You may discover birds like blue kingfisher. The different variety of mangroves are amazing because they give the river a blackish colour. This nourishes the eco-system and sustains the plant and animal life making mangroves a vital part of the food chain.

Within 15 km, you can explore following attractions …..

Beautiful beaches from
Beruwala to Bentota

Bentota - the water sports hub of Sri Lanka

The scenic bridge over the river Bentota

Turtle hatcheries of Kosgoda